Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mission Statement

The Subsidiarity Institute is conceived as an educational resource meant to examine in depth, then spread the message of the too-little-known principle of subsidiarity: there is no reason to create a large organization when a smaller one will do. The principle of subsidiarity is drawn from Catholic Social Teaching, but it could just as well be said to derive from common sense.

The Institute is at present as simple as can be: it's a one-man show. Nevertheless, from little acorns...

Members, contributors, participants will all be welcome once some meaningful activity takes place and some momentum gained.

A brief overview of the principle can be found here: A more politicized take on it is this: . A very worthy longer essay on the theme is this one: .

The Subsidiarity Institute maintains that the massification of nearly every aspect of society paradoxically creates an atomization of it at the same time: the individual is isolated and infantilized by a largely faceless nanny state that extends its invisible hand from afar, seizing what should be individual, familial, community, state/provincial and national responsibilities. This is greatly facilitated by the modern monetary system, a matter to be deconstructed in depth and hopefully destroyed in its present debt-money form, a Herculean and perhaps near-Promethean task.

The head of the Subsidiarity Institute and at present its only member is 70 years old, lives by choice an austere and largely solitary life and wishes to bequeath a better world to his posterity and all others. While time and energy permit, he will try to dedicate quite a bit of his time to building this blog into an actual organization meant to restore the management of private lives to the smallest possible collectives that can carry out community-based tasks.

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your attention.

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