Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mission Statement II

Subsidiarity is the foundation for constructing an autarky: being self-sufficient. As a rule, it refers to political and/or economic self-sufficiency, but it's not limited to these.

The Institute's mission is to examine the possible role of subsidiarity in families, communities, villages and towns and cities, counties, states/provinces and nations. Supranational bodies such as the European Union and the United Nations are excluded from consideration.

The Institute is also dedicated to examining means by which states/provinces and nations can exercise monetary sovereignty, eliminating the use of fraudulent "debt-money" and instituting the emission of a sovereign currency genuinely backed by the credit of the issuing body. Unless and until the privately owned central banks are eliminated and the ledger-entry "debt" burden place upon nations repudiated, no genuine social justice can be obtained. All other so-called "social justice" issues pale by comparison with respect to importance; indeed, they are tantamount to distractions actively promoted by the financier class that must keep the citizens' attention focused on anything but the one truly important issue: monetary sovereignty.

This blog is the gateway to the Subsidiarity Institute initiative. The writer is determined to continue it even in the event that no following is obtained, given that he is convinced that eventually the importance of the subsidiarity principle and national monetary sovereignty will become apparent to those who presently ignore their importance.

If you find this material informative and useful, please recommend it to others. Our hope is to attract the attention of a growing audience and acquire a growing presence on media outlets of wider diffusion.

As is wholly appropriate to a blog dealing with subsidiarity, we're starting small.

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