Sunday, December 11, 2016


“If we broke up the big banks tomorrow, would that end racism? Would that end sexism? Would that end discrimination against the LGBT community?” (Hillary Clinton)

The single most important step "we" as citizens can take is to reclaim national monetary sovereignty from the "big banks" and their political lackeys like the has-been hack Hillary Clinton. So-called racism, sexism and the plight of the perverse are sideshow issues drummed up to distract the dumbed-down from the single issue upon which all others depend: national monetary sovereignty.

As Henry Kissinger put it so succinctly: "If you control the oil, you control entire nations; if you control the food, you control the people; if you control the money, you control the entire world."

For over a century, the monetary sovereignty of the United States of America has been and remains controlled by a cabal of private and international banking interests in collusion with a group of US banks--the "big banks" that so generously funded the Clinton campaigns--that act in their own interests and against those of the citizens of the nation from which they exact their pound and more of flesh in terms of profits earned from intangible money manipulation. To keep the citizenry's attention focused elsewhere, the sideshow issues are funded and promoted in the captive mass media. 

It's easy to play to emotions: Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Boy will fill the tent far faster than Professor Fact-Finder.  A child indoctrinated from pre-school on "issues" that are in fact social engineering disguised as "social justice" initiatives playing directly to emotions rather than intellect. When Jack is told by the gluten-free muffin dispenser dressed as an androgyne that he can be Jill tomorrow and anyone who says otherwise is Hitler, then told that Jack oppresses Jill, who must be empowered, particularly if Jill is a "POC", then a pattern is being set. When Jack/Jill is old enough to be told about the workings of finance (something that will NOT be taught at the "l'il red schoolhouse"), eyes will glaze over and the "Out to Lunch" sign appear when the subject is raised. Far away in the counting houses, palms are being rubbed with glee: Jack and Jill will be paying for that pail of water until they drop, all the while having their emotions played with the skill of Maria Kliegel on the cello. 

All subjective issues fade into insignificance when compared with national monetary sovereignty. Either a citizenry has charge of its financial and economic affairs or it remains if not infantilized at least in a state of perpetual adolescence with respect to the "grown-ups" who manage the society in which one lives. This management is designed to be centralized; the notion of subsidiarity is anathema to those who must control the nations and their resources, the people of the planet and the planet--the universe!--itself. Placing a society on the defensive with respect to its cultural and civilizational norms and traditions effectively diverts attention from the plundering going on while the perpetual adolescents hold their collective breath until they turn purple because...because...well, because!

We need to break up those big banks tomorrow! We need to take back control of our own affairs, financial, economic and otherwise, not by allowing a nanny state to supervise but rather by decentralizing government, adopting the Subsidiarity Principle to the greatest degree possible in a reasoned and measured transition, and to put on the back burner or better yet right off the stove the subjective concerns of special interest groups that play into the grasping hands of the plutocracy. 

There's no reason to believe this will happen, of course: Meatball doesn't work that way.

copyright R. Crumb

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